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When the mercury is on the rise, knowing that your central air conditioning unit is prepared to handle the demands of Central Michigan’s hot and humid season gives you peace of mind. With over four decades of experience working with commercial and residential clients to help keep them cool, J.E. Johnson Inc. is the leading contractor specializing in air conditioning services around Midland and Bay City, MI.

Air Conditioning Services Bay City, MI.

Keep Your Residence Refreshing And Comfortable

If your central cooling unit is experiencing issues, trust our heating and cooling service technicians to inspect your system and complete any needed repairs. Services we offer include:

  • Central air repairs
  • Central air cleaning
  • Routine AC maintenance
  • High-efficiency air conditioning system installation
  • Air duct repair, modification, and rerouting

We offer an extensive line of central air and HVAC services, including scheduled maintenance, emergency services, and new AC installation services.

Emergency Central Air Conditioning Services

When you have an emergency with your central cooling system when the temperatures and humidity are on the rise, you don’t want to wait very long for a technician to arrive for a service call. Same-day and next-day services solve your issues quickly.

J.E. Johnson Inc. is a leading full-service heating and cooling contractor in the Mid Michigan area. We’re excited to help commercial and residential clients make their home or place of business a more comfortable place all year round.

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Air Conditioning Services, Midland, MI.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

Well maintained central air conditioning units can last 15 to 25 years. However, several factors can influence how long individual units last. These factors could include:

Placement and Location – Ideally, your heating and cooling unit should sit in an unobstructed area out of direct sunlight, as the solar heat forces your HVAC unit to have to work harder to operate. Over time, this added stress taxes your system and could result in decreased performance or the need for repairs.

Unit Age – Generally, the older your central air conditioning unit is, the harder it will have to work to keep your home or commercial building fresh and free from humidity. Over the years, central cooling systems have evolved, providing higher energy efficiency.

Central Air Or HVAC Size – Choosing a central cooling unit ideal for the square footage of your home helps ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. An oversized central air unit is not as effective at removing humidity, frequently cycles on and off, and uses more energy to operate.

Cleaning And Maintenance – Cleaning and maintenance are critical to troublefree cooling and heating. Routine cleaning helps keep intake fins unobstructed and straight and offers the opportunity to inspect all components for wear and damage.

Regardless if you need to schedule a routine maintenance call, you have an emergency repair, you’re working on a new construction project, or it’s time to install a new central heating and cooling unit, rely on J.E. Johnson Inc. Our trained technicians help with all of your cooling and heating needs in the Midland, Michigan area.

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